Maicedraw Tokyo(マイスドロートーキョー)

witty eyewear stay cool



眼鏡らしさの熟慮が美しい造形と実用的価値を創造し、 さり気なく個性的に掛けられる眼鏡を提案します。






We strive to create glasses that are both practical and natural. We offer glasses that can be worn casually, and with individuality, whilst being well-thought-out designs encompassing beauty and practical value in their creation.

The greatest characteristic of Micedraw Tokyo’s eyewear designs is that they are all hand-drawn. We see that eyewear design is an extension of pictorial expression, and believe that a new eyewear culture will emerge from art and craft. Currently, all production takes place in Sabae city, Fukui prefecture.

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